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London Green Points Bexley press release - Top 50 recyclers in Bexley rewarded

13 February 2017: The new recycling rewards scheme for residents living in houses in Bexley has identified and rewarded the 50 top recyclers over the last 3 months.

London Green Points - Earn rewards

The scheme encourages residents living in houses to take part in a variety of activities such as reporting their weekly recycling and taking textiles and electronics to local recycling banks, which helps the borough increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal.

The more recycling activities residents take part in, the more points they earn and every month, the two top performing individuals are rewarded with £50 worth of vouchers. In addition, another 15 individuals win either £20 or £10 worth of vouchers. Winners can choose from a wide variety of vouchers covering M&S, Love2shop, Cineworld, iTunes and National Garden Gift Vouchers.

Emma Appleton from Colyers Ward in Bexley was pleased to win a £50 voucher in December and she chose the M&S voucher, saying:

"I was delighted to find out that I'd won a voucher as we are big advocates of recycling as much as possible - so to be rewarded for doing it is fantastic! This scheme is a great idea to encourage people to recycle more."

The scheme is funded through a grant won by London Borough of Bexley from the Department for Communities and Local Government's recycling reward scheme, which helps local authorities drive behaviour change by rewarding residents for reducing and recycling their waste.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure at London Borough of Bexley, Cllr Peter Craske, commented on the scheme saying:

"The majority of Bexley residents are regular recyclers but not everyone understands yet the value of recycling and reducing waste. That's where this scheme comes in, as it's informing residents of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of their waste and rewarding them for making a positive impact."

The new recycling reward scheme for houses is run by the award-winning specialist provider Local Green Points, who since 2011 have also been working with London Borough of Bexley on a flats scheme to encourage residents to reduce waste sent for disposal.. Both the housing and flats scheme are branded as London Green Points - Bexley and Graham Simmonds, managing director at Local Green Points is encouraging everyone to sign up, saying:

"London Green Points - Bexley is open for anyone living in the Borough and with 18% of households already signed up, I would urge those that haven't yet done so, to sign up online or call our contact centre."

To sign up online, Bexley residents should go to London Green Points - Bexley 
Or they can call the scheme's contact centre on 020 7326 5055

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