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Bexley offers a number of options if you are looking for a home, including housing support and social housing.


Find the statement below which best describes your housing situation and then select the appropriate link.

The government has introduced a number of welfare reforms which may affect residents housing situation. For further information and to see how the reforms may affect you, see Changes to benefits.

The London Borough of Bexley operates a housing register to assess housing needs using a strict criteria.

There are more people looking for social housing than properties available. As a result, you will unfortunately experience a long waiting time before any assistance is received.

  • Rent it Right - A licensing scheme for Bexley

    The London Borough of Bexley is keen to work with residents, landlords and agents to implement a new licensing scheme for the borough.

  • Housing support

    Struggling to make rent payments? Worried about being made homeless or need support with finding accommodation?

  • Homeless or facing eviction from a property

    The Council can provide advice and assistance about Housing but does not have to give every homeless person a home.

  • Mortgage arrears and repossession advice

    If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, have mortgage arrears or are concerned that you soon won't be able to keep up with your mortgage payments, the advice below may be able to help you to better understand the process.

  • Social housing

    The Council transferred its housing stock to housing associations operating in Bexley in 1998.

  • Renting a room or property

    There are many advantages to renting in the private sector.

  • Moving house

    This section will provide you with the options available to help change your housing by moving to a smaller home, swapping or exchanging your home or moving to other areas.

  • Rough sleeping

    The Council's housing and support services are very successful in preventing homelessness.

  • Asylum seekers

    Support for most asylum seekers is now provided by the National Asylum Support Service which is part of the Home Office.

  • Older persons housing service

    If you are an older person and require help with reviewing your options for housing the housing service can support you in a number of ways.

  • Staying Put

    A Home Improvement Agency for older, vulnerable and disabled residents of Bexley, offering help and advice on home repairs, improvement and adaptations.

  • Disabled persons housing service

    If you are having difficulty getting around your home or in using the facilities we will be able to help.

  • Affordable home ownership options

    We work with housing associations which develop affordable home ownership schemes.

  • Private landlords

    These pages provide information on our leasing schemes, the Housing Support service, housing benefits, HMOs and more.

  • Housing conditions and property licences

    The Private Sector Housing team deal with requests for advice and assistance from tenants regarding the condition of their housing.

  • Housing strategy

    The Council still retains strategic housing responsibilities to assess local needs and develops plans to meet them, as well as providing services to those requiring advice on their housing options.