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Strategy 2014 - Meeting the challenge

This area of the website sets out the London Borough of Bexley's response to the financial challenges it faces in common with every local authority.

Bexley is now in the final year of its three-year financial plan agreed in March 2011 - known as Strategy 2014.

Over the past two years the Council has worked hard to achieve the savings set out in the Strategy. We are currently on course to deliver the target savings of £35m.

Although the focus has been on reducing spending, the Council continues to make a significant investment in services for both young and older residents.

You can find out more by using the links below:

  • The challenge

    Like other local authorities up and down the country, the Council's financial position remains challenging.

  • Capital Programme

    Despite the financial pressures facing it, the Council will be investing some £166m in the borough's infrastructure during the three years 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 through its Capital Programme.

  • Strategy 2014 news releases

    The London Borough of Bexley has issued the following news releases about its Strategy 2014 proposals.

  • Public consultation

    The Council published its 'Strategy 2014' proposals in November 2010, following lengthy discussions about the best way to respond to the reduction in public spending.