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Sherwood Park Primary School

Blackfen Central School on Sherwood Park Avenue, Sidcup was opened by Kent County Council in 1933.

An Infant School was added the following year. The name Blackfen County Primary School was adopted for the combined institution about 1945. In 1965 responsibility for the school passed to the London Borough of Bexley and the County prefix was dropped from its title. Six years later the Primary School was divided into Blackfen Junior School and Blackfen Infant School.

This division continued until 1980 when they were merged once again to form Blackfen Junior and Infant School. The school then seems to have gone through a rapid series of names changes. In 1982 it became once more Blackfen Primary School, then in 1984 Blackfen Junior Mixed Infant School before reverting to Blackfen Primary School in 1986.The name Sherwood Park Primary School was adopted in 1995.


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