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St John the Baptist Church

St John the Baptist Church has existed for nearly a thousand years and is one of the oldest buildings in Erith.

St John the Baptist Church - Erith

St John the Baptist Church itself has undergone a constant process of alteration throughout the ages.

Visitors will find parts that have been built in the 12th Century, areas erected during the 13th and 15th Centuries, while the north aisle was added and the whole building restored during Victorian times.

The Wheatley Chapel on the south side of the chancel (area for the clergy or choir) was, for centuries, the burial place of successive Lords of the Manor.

There are several brasses and a striking memorial to Elizabeth Walden, Countess of Shrewsbury who died in 1567. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Walden from Erith, and married George Talbot, the fourth Earl of Shrewsbury. 

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