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All Saints Church

All Saints is a Grade II listed church found on the edge of Foots Cray Meadows.

All Saints Church - Foots Cray

It is likely that All Saints Church  started life as a wooden Saxon Church, though the current building dates from around 1330. Exploring the church reveals a rich history throughout the ages - from the 12th Century Norman font to the depressed Tudor arch complete with Jacobean gate that leads to the alabaster pulpit. The pulpit itself was erected in 1886 and was presented by the Harenc family of Foots Cray Place.

In the mid nineteenth century the Church was extensively altered with box pews and two galleries removed, the nave extended to the west and the existing bell tower at the side of the Church left on four oak posts, so that the bells could be rung from the centre of the aisle. The door to the Church, dating from Oliver Cromwell's time was also reset at the end of the nave.

The Church spire, which was re-shingled in 2004, was originally built by Lord Waring (a pioneer in home furnishing and decoration) to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII. Lord Waring's name still lives on today though Waring Park, which he gifted to the people of Sidcup and opened in 1931.

The present organ at All Saints was presented by Sir John Pender who is now buried in the grounds of the church. Pender was a communications cable pioneer who was in charge of the first successful laying of a transatlantic cable. He also founded Cable and Wireless, which has become one of the worlds leading communications companies.

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