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St Mary the Virgin Church

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin is a Grade II listed building in Bexley.

St Mary the Virgin Church - Bexley

St Mary the Virgin Church has been a place of worship for over eight hundred years. St Mary's probably succeeded an earlier Saxon church on the same site, which was mentioned in the Domesday Survey in 1086.

The current interior of the church dates from 1883, following a make-over by the Victorians. This sees a raised altar some distance from the people, a formal choir space copied from the great English cathedrals and the congregation seated beyond the choir in ranks of pews. All of the windows were replaced with stained glass and flint cladding was added to the external walls.

This is a distinct difference from Norman times when the church was a simple collection of three boxes - tower, nave and chancel (the space around the alter for the clergy or choir). During this time the church had wooden floors with benches around the outside for the elderly and infirm (where it is suggested the phrase 'going to the wall' may have originated).

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