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St. Paulinus Church

St. Paulinus Church in Crayford was built in the 12th Century but its foundations are likely to be even older.

St Paulinus Church - Crayford

There has been a church in this location for over a thousand years although it has been altered over the centuries to meet the needs of the changing population of the parish of Crayford.

In medieval Britain, Crayford was on the main road between London and the continent, and St. Paulinus became a popular calling point for travellers to either pray for protection whilst crossing the 'robber infested' Shooters Hill and the heathland between Crayford and London, or to give thanks for safely avoiding danger.

St. Paulinus also became a popular visiting place for pilgrims on their way to the shrine of former Archbishop of Canterbury, St. Thomas à Becket. It is likely that it was due to offerings made by pilgrims at this time, that the church was able to extend and build a second nave, becoming one of less than a handful of churches in the country to have twin naves.

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