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FAQs about street parties within the borough

Listed are some of the most common questions we receive about street parties.

Q: Do I need any insurance for the party?

A: You will need Liability insurance to cover the use of the public highway for your event, street repairs can be expensive.

Q: Do I need any other licences for my party?

A: You may need a Temporary Events Notice if you intend to sell alcohol, the closure notice is as it says. Other legislation such as parking and other prohibitive acts shall remain in force. It is a private party as long as you do not advertise outside of the occupants of the road concerned. Involving others with advertising makes it a larger licensable event.

Q: Who cleans up afterwards?

A: You will be responsible for returning the street to its former condition so it can be used safely by all the road users.

Q: What about music?

A: The home owners within the closure are your neighbours, some will not want to attend the event so plan the noise levels and times of playing accordingly.

Q: Who else needs to know about the party?

A: The local emergency services, possibly local businesses if there are some in the road.

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