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Nationality checking service

The Nationality Checking Service is a partnership we have between the Home Office nationality group and the London Borough of Bexley.

  • Checking completed application forms
  • Checking correct selection of form and appropriate fee has been made
  • Checking all required documents are attached
  • Checking, copying and certifying your supporting documents
  • Secure and safe submission of your application and documents to the Home Office

Why should you use this service? 

Applications made to the Home Office this way tend to be completed quicker. Your passport and documents remain in safekeeping. The copies we have made on your behalf will be certified when sent to the Home Office. You will be able to retain your personal documents including your passport, whilst your application is under consideration.

How do I use this service

Please contact our Nationality Checking Service team at the London Borough of Bexley on 03000 415252 or you can email us at We are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide this service.

Nationality checking

This service is on an appointment basis.

At the appointment staff will check:

  • You have paid the correct fee to the Home Office
  • All the correct documents are enclosed
  • We will photocopy your passport(s), travel documents and other related documentation requested and certify that they are true copies
  • We will inform you if any outstanding documents are required and keep your application secure until all documents are given before sending to the Home Office
  • We will hold your application until completed once all the relevant documents have been provided. We shall forward this onto the Home Office
  • All your documents will be returned to you with your passport(s) at the time of your appointment with the exception of Certificate of Language - where the Home Office insists this being the original document

Fees schedule

  • Adult submitting a single application - £65.00
  • Married couples or registered civil partner who apply at the same time £65.00 each
  • Children on parents application (per child) £65.00

Book an appointment

Please phone 03000 415151 or alternatively, you can make an appointment using our online booking service.

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Citizenship Ceremonies

Under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, all applicants aged 18 years or over who have been accepted for naturalisation or registration as a British Citizen must attend a citizenship ceremony. At the ceremony everyone invited for the British citizenship affirms/swears an oath of loyalty to the Queen and promises to uphold the civic values and laws of the United Kingdom. The ceremonies are enjoyable and memorable and encourages our new citizens into the borough to play an active part in the community.

We hold the ceremonies regularly in our beautiful ceremony rooms at the Manor House Sidcup.

Your ceremony

When you contact our Ceremonies line on 03000 415151 the following will be asked.

  • Would you like to attend a group or individual ceremony. If you opt for an individual ceremony there is a charge for this and you will be informed of this when you call
  • Would you like to swear the oath or declare the affirmation. The examples are in your Home Office invitation letter - please read this letter carefully and decide which one you would like to do before your telephone us
  • Are you happy to shake hands with the Civic Dignitary when you receive your certificate
  • If you would like to bring along guests (limited to two per celebrant)

Where will the ceremony take place

All ceremonies take place at Manor House, The Green Sidcup in the Georgian Room. Please arrive 30 minutes before your ceremony. Do not go to reception but straight into the waiting area that is signposted for you. We do have a free car park at the rear of the building. (See attached map).

Group ceremony

You will be asked to show your

  • Home Office letter
  • Photo I.D.

A professional photographer (freelance) will be taking photos at the ceremony - please ask the cost when you phone. You will be given an information pack on being a British Citizen and other literature about the London Borough of Bexley.

Once we have done all our checking with the new British Citizens we will ask the guests to join us in the Georgian Room.

The Deputy Superintendent Registrar will perform the ceremony - giving a welcome speech, each citizen will be invited to stand and swear or affirm their allegiance.

A speech will be made by the Mayor of the London Borough of Bexley. If they are unable to attend the Deputy Mayor or Councillor will preside. The dignitary will present you with your British Citizen certificate.

We will finish with the singing of God Save the Queen.

Individual ceremony

On arrival you will be asked to show your Home Office letter and ID.

The Deputy Superintendent Registrar will host the ceremony. After your welcome speech the Deputy Superintendent Registrar will invite the applicant(s) to swear the oath or declare the affirmation. You will be presented with your citizenship ceremony.

No photographer will be in attendance. You are welcome to take your own photographs in the Georgian Room.

We will finish with the singing of God Save the Queen.

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