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Library Talks for Schools and Community Groups

Bexley Library Service - Services to Schools.

A class of girls c. 1900

Librarians Visits to Schools

Librarians are available to support teachers develop a love of reading, knowledge and understanding in children of all ages.

We offer inspiring class visits to our libraries as well as visits to individual schools by librarians. These visits to schools can be tailored to the needs of the school and could include:

  • Story sessions including 'bag books' for children with additional needs
  • Sessions promoting reading for pleasure to all ages and abilities
  • Targeted book talks for different age groups covering different interests, genres and National Curriculum topics
  • Information on the library as a local community resource and on the wide variety of services it provides
  • Advice and help with target groups - such as encouraging boys to read

The service is suitable for all ages and abilities: nursery, infant, junior, secondary, and children with additional needs. 

If you would like to discuss this further please email 

Local Studies and Archive Centre - Services for Schools

The teaching of history in schools has been transformed in recent years by an increase in the use of primary source material, giving pupils the opportunity for direct contact with people and events of the past and the chance to develop skills in evaluating evidence.

We present a varied approach to teachers, students and pupils seeking primary source material for local studies projects or as a teaching resource for the study of history in the National Curriculum.

We are pleased to offer advice and training to help teachers and student teachers to use the Centre, and to give advice on documents available for teaching history at each key stage in the National Curriculum, and suggestions for their use in the classroom.

Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre offer the following range of services to local schools:

  • Talks on aspects of local history at schools
  • Host class visits at the Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre for up to 30 children in a dedicated area
  • Loan exhibitions on aspects of local history
  • Advise teachers on local resources relevant to the National Curriculum and planning of school projects
  • Supply copies of source material such as photographs, census returns, Victorian and Edwardian house plans and maps etc.

If you would like to discuss this please email

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