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Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in Bexley

Places in Bexley which are valuable for wildlife have been identified as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs).

The River Thames at Crossness (John Archer)

These sites have been identified following Government guidance on local wildlife sites, published by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. More detailed guidance on procedures for the identification of SINCs in London has been published by the Mayor of London.

SINCs are graded according to their importance. The top tier, Sites of Metropolitan Importance, are of value on a London-wide scale. Below these are Sites of Borough Importance (sub-divided into Grades 1 and 2) and Sites of Local Importance.

These sites receive protection from harmful development through policies in the London Plan and Bexley's UDP and Local Development Framework. A list of SINCs in Bexley, along with maps and site descriptions, can be found below.

2013 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation review

In 2013, The London Wildlife Trust (LWT) was commissioned by the London Borough of Bexley to undertake a review of the Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) within the borough. They also surveyed potential new SINC sites and proposed fourteen strategic wildlife corridors in the borough. A consultation was held on the review in early 2014 from which comments received will feed into the final report.

Erith Quarry SINC Site (BxBI04) additional consultation

One SINC site included in the 2013 review, Erith Quarry, has recently undergone further survey work. As a result of this an additional consultation will take place for a three week period from Monday 1 December, specifically regarding this the survey work carried out at this site.

Please see the PDF's below for the survey information regarding the Erith Quarry SINC site. Copies can also be found in all libraries in the borough. Any comments should be received by 5pm Monday 22 December 2014. Please send any comments to Strategic Planning and Transportation.

Please note that this consultation is separate to any ongoing consultation on development proposals for the Erith Quarry site. Comments on the current planning application should be sent to the Development Control section quoting the application number (14/02155/OUTM) by the 17 December 2014.

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