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Young People's Sports Awards 2015

Nominations are now closed.

Young People's Sports Awards 2015

The event will take place on Saturday 21 February to congratulate young people on their achievements in competitive sport as well as contributions made through coaching, volunteering and officiating.

A list of categories being recognised for this event can be found below.  


Sports Volunteer

In recognition of time and effort given by young volunteers to support their sport through coaching, refereeing and officiating. This volunteering must be linked to a sports club in the London Borough of Bexley.

Endeavour Award

In recognition of achievements made despite difficult circumstances. This award is not for top performers but for young people who have put in a lot of effort, displayed great sportsmanship and have never been tempted to give up.

Individual Achievement Award

An award to recognise individuals who have made significant contributions to school sport. They may be elite performers, coaches, officials or those students who are regularly first to volunteer and give up their own time to organise sports events.

School Achievement Award

This award will be given to one primary and one secondary school that can demonstrate whole school achievement and improvement through effective use of sport and physical education. This can include examples of competition, inclusion, cross curricular work, Outside School Hours provision, behaviour management and leadership.

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