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Early Intervention Teams (EITs)

The Early Intervention Teams (EITs) in Bexley were set up in September 2009 to work with Bexley schools supporting children aged 3-16 who need extra help to thrive in school.

Service Description

There are four Early Intervention Teams covering all local authority linked schools in Bexley, and each team serves a cluster of schools geographically located in different parts of Bexley. All teams are based at the Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath. Some team members also work in some of the academies. The teams are managed by the Principal Educational Psychologist who is also head of the Early Intervention Teams and the Specialist Teaching Service.

Each team is staffed by the following specialists:

  • Two Team Managers (responsible for two teams each)
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Social Emotional Mental Health ( SEMH) Support Teachers
  • Education Welfare Officers  ( EWOs)
  • AEN/SEN Partners
  • SEN Advice and Moderation Partners
  • Social Workers

Some of these services are a bought in service to school and academies. Please see the Service Guide and Parent Guide under related downloads for more details.


Prior to September 2009 the above professionals were based separately and a decision was made to co-locate them into multi-disciplinary teams.

The EITs were created in order to deal more effectively with the following:

  1. Children whose lack of progress at school stems from a number of different interrelated factors, that ideally should be addressed in a co-ordinated way
  2. Dealing with issues as soon as possible, to prevent more serious problems developing
  3. To help schools and teaching staff with problem-solving and to provide specialist guidance and support where this is needed. This will, at times, include training for school staff

As well as dealing with children and families in terms of early intervention, team members will also work with such matters as supporting the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process, working with children in danger of exclusion, and also those with serious attendance problems. EIT team members are also involved with a variety of projects and initiatives within Bexley, and some are undertaking research projects within their area of expertise. Team members also organise a range of training opportunities for school staff.

Links with other services

EIT team members form strong networks with a variety of other professional across the statutory and voluntary sectors such as CAMHS, parenting support groups, and Moorings. They have a strong working relationship with members of the Specialist Teacher Service, and also work with other departments within Bexley council such as social care, the SEN department and staff working on education inclusion.

Some Educational Psychologists also undertake other duties outside of the Early Intervention Team structure including working with pre-school children, looked after children and children who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Please see the PDF's under related downloads for more information about the work of the Early Intervention Teams.

Referral to the Early Intervention Team

Referral to the team is via the school, (usually the member of staff coordinating Special Educational Needs). After parental consent is gained, children are discussed at the regular meetings the schools holds with the team( usually termly). The EIT staff will recommend a course of action that the school could follow supported by particular members of the team as appropriate.  Decisions are fed back to parents.

 Parents may ask the school if they wish their child to be raised at a meeting with the team, though it is the schools decision if this takes place.

Schools needing advice or support in an emergency should contact the EIT manager responsible for their school in the first instance who will be able to advise accordingly.

The Service Guide contains a full set of documentation that schools and academies will need when referring to the Early Intervention Team.

For further information please contact the Team Managers