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Social housing

The Council transferred its housing stock to housing associations operating in Bexley in 1998.

Finding households for most of the empty housing association homes in Bexley is done by Bexley Allocations Service (BAS).

The service helps approximately 700 households each year with a housing association home in Bexley. It is run in partnership with London & Quadrant Bexley Homes and Orbit South Housing Association who together with Gallions Housing Association own most of the housing association homes in the borough. The service is also able to put people forward for homes in Bexley that are owned by other housing associations.

There are many more households than there are homes available so there is a system in place for deciding who gets helped first.

Once someone's housing need has been assessed and the appropriate priority awarded they can bid for suitable homes through Bexley HomeChoice - this is Bexley's Choice Based Lettings service.

Applicants on the housing register can then place bids on properties they are interested in. Details of all properties are also printed and displayed in libraries across the borough as well as at the Civic Offices. Libraries also have computers available for use if you don't have one at home.

If you are not currently on the housing register but would like to apply to Bexley for a home, please visit Bexley HomeChoice to download an application form or contact Bexley Allocations Service to request a paper copy of the form.

Details of the properties let in 2012/13 by location are available from the Housing areas in Bexley PDF under related downloads.

Homes let in the borough

There are 12,500 housing association homes in Bexley, of which nearly 10,000 are owned by London & Quadrant Bexley Homes, Orbit South Housing Association and Gallions Housing Association.

Details of the homes let in a particular area are available from the Housing areas in Bexley PDF under related downloads.