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Sidcup Regeneration

(Updated 16 May 2014).

Traffic and public space improvements started in Sidcup High Street on 20 January and are expected to finish in September.

These improvements form part of a package of measures for Sidcup town centre to enhance its appearance and support businesses, all of which are aimed at attracting people to the town centre with a better shopping experience both visually and through shopping choice. The road elements of this project were formerly known as the Sidcup Town Area Renewal (STAR).

The information below outlines the changes that will be taking place and information regarding the necessary traffic diversions that will be in place to enable them to be introduced safely and as quickly as possible. You can view a copy of the STAR P3 Information and Bus route changes in Sidcup PDF's under related downloads.

Please see the Sidcup Regeneration FAQ's under related downloads to view common questions and answers on this scheme.

You can email to sign up to regular email notifications on progress of the works, and to be alerted to key changes to the traffic controls that will be in operation so you can better plan journeys in this area.


The general street environment for the central section of Sidcup High Street (Station Road to Church Road) is to receive a major uplift, which is aimed at resolving concerns over bus stop positions, improving pedestrian crossing facilities, and enhancing the overall street environment by reducing clutter, planting trees, and providing local places to sit/enjoy the town centre and hold occasional markets/events. The busy pedestrian route along Nisbett Walk will be repaved, with better access being provided to/from the superstore car park, and a more pedestrian-friendly paved area at its connection with the high street. Although not within this central section, adjustments are to be made to the entrance to the Main Road Car Park at Elm Parade, to ease pedestrian access to/from this car park, with steps being provided to allow pedestrians a more direct route. The design has been developed in co-ordination with the Council's appointed design consultants working on a Sidcup Design and Identity Guide project for the wider town centre retail environment.

An information leaflet was distributed to the businesses and residents of the area, to show them the design and outline some of the key elements. A copy of the information leaflet and plan of the design for this central section is available as a PDF under related downloads.

The improvements are being be funded by both Transport for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority (GLA), with funding currently available for this central section (Station Road to Church Road), including short sections of the side routes leading to it. As further funding becomes available, other areas of the high street may be developed and introduced.

Other initiatives are in progress for the town centre, which include the Outer London Fund (Round 2) project by the GLA aimed at helping increase the vibrancy and growth of high street places across London. Together with this Outer London Fund and Council funding, it provides Sidcup with £1.8m of investment over the two year period to March 2014. Part of this has gone towards the In Store for Sidcup package of projects to transform Sidcup High Street. It includes the Street Design and Identity Guide to achieve a consistent approach to the design of streets and shop fronts, as well as grants and help/advice for businesses.

Programme of works and temporary traffic controls

A leaflet showing maps of the planned traffic diversions, road closures and one-ways was distributed around the town centre area in December, and a follow up leaflet in January, just prior to them being introduced and works starting. Please see Sidcup Improvements Leaflet available as a PDF under related downloads. You can email to sign up to regular email notifications on progress and key changes to the traffic controls.

To allow the improvements to be introduced whilst still allowing pedestrians to move around easily and business to remain open, a one-way system has been introduced along Sidcup High Street for the duration of the works. In addition, for some of the time, the entrances to Hatherley Road and Hadlow Road will be closed to vehicles. This one way was introduced a few weeks ahead of the main works to enable vital preliminary works to take place, such removal of bus shelters, new lighting columns, ducting for electrical connections, and trail holes for tree pits and to ascertain exact locations of underground services. Doing this ahead of the main works avoids the need for new paving to be dug up for the electrical connections to be made by UK Power Networks, and to finalise elements of the design around obstructions underground.

Throughout the works, the main diversion route for eastbound traffic will be via Elm Road and The Green/Church Road; both of which will remain as two-way roads. Bus routes 51, 233, 321, 492, and R11 will follow this diversion. The bus stop outside the Post Office will be closed (due to the one-way system) but these bus services will stop in Elm Road (near Jenner Close) so that passengers are able to access them close to the Station Road end of the high street. The B14 bus service will also be on diversion, but this will change during the works period, and so are explained within the three stages given below. A copy of the TfL Bus Route Changes Information sheet is available as a PDF under related downloads.

Currently, there are no plans to remove the width restriction in Church Road, or the barriers in Church Avenue or St. John's Road, to enable these works to be carried out. The traffic signals at Elm Road/Station Road/High Street have been adjusted to cater for the one-way system and will be kept under review to see if they can be adjusted further to reduce queues. These signals have always suffered from delays, due to the volume of traffic passing through it, and drivers will be seeking alternative routes, therefore, final signal timings will not be set until these changing patterns of movement in the area have settled.

The current peak period (Mon-Fri, 8am - 10am and 4pm - 7pm) loading/unloading restrictions will still apply and areas of the route will be coned/barriered off where the works are taking place and/or for traffic control. Outside these times and protected areas, it will be possible for customers and businesses to load/unload as normal.

Blue badge holders will not be able to use the two disabled persons' parking bays outside the library whilst the works in Hadlow Road are taking place. They can continue to park in other locations, such as on yellow lines not subject to loading restrictions, and so will be able to park in the high street itself during off-peak hours, so long as it does not cause an obstruction (this being less likely during the construction period as the high street is one-way, so only has moving traffic on one side of the road)

The traffic control arrangements can be broken down into three main stages, each with different restrictions on vehicle movements.

Stage 1 (20 January to 15 May 2014)

Sidcup High Street has temporarily been made one-way in a westbound direction, running from the junction of Church Road (mini-roundabout) to its junction with Station Road/Elm Road (traffic signals). Hadlow Road has been closed at the junction with the high street for a period of approximately ten weeks, and the remainder of Hadlow Road temporarily two-way to allow access to/from all properties and parking bays along the road. The B14 bus route to Orpington does not serve The Drive, St John's Road, Granville Road or Hadlow Road and has been diverted via Rectory Lane and Sidcup High Street. The B14 bus route to Bexleyheath does not serve Elm Road or Sidcup High Street (Post Office stop) and has been diverted via The Green/Church Road and Sidcup High Street.

Stage 2 (Mon 19 May to July)

This follows on from Stage 1, and will start  on Monday 19 May.

Sidcup High Street will remain one-way. Hadlow Road will be re-opened and returned to its normal one-way working.

Hatherley Road will be closed at the junction with the high street for a period of approximately seven weeks, and the section between the closure and Granville Road will temporarily become two-way to allow access to/from all properties and parking bays along the road. The signed diversion route will be via Station Road, Faraday Avenue and Hatherley Road.

The B14 bus route to Orpington will not be affected/diverted. The B14 bus route to Bexleyheath will not serve Sidcup High Street (Post Office stop), Hatherley Road, Granville Road, St John's Road, or The Drive and will be diverted via The Green/Church Road, Sidcup High Street, and Rectory Lane.

Stage 3 (July 2014)

This is also dependent upon progress with the earlier stages above, and so it is not possible to provide a definite start date for this stage.

Sidcup High Street will remain one-way westbound over the shorter distance, between Hadlow Road and its junction with Station Road/Elm Road. Hatherley Road will be reopened and returned to its normal one-way working.

The B14 bus service will operate normally in Hatherley Road and Hadlow Road, but the Bexleyheath-bound service will still need to follow the main high street one-way and The Green/Church Road diversion to reach Hatherley Road.

For a short period, when even the one-way working lane width becomes quite tight (allowing for the workmen to have a safety margin around their actual working area), it may be necessary for drivers to be escorted along a short section of the road by a contractors vehicle. This will be kept to a minimum and during off-peak periods only.

On completion of the works, Sidcup High Street will be returned to two-way working.

The Council apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused during these works.

Should you have any comments or queries regarding this scheme or the traffic controls outlined above, please see the Sidcup Regeneration FAQs available as a PDF under related downloads. If you cannot find the answer there, contact Sidcup Regeneration which will enable us to direct your queries to the correct team/officer, and you will get a prompt reply.