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Bexley Carers self-assessment

Are you a carer finding it difficult to manage every day activities whilst carrying out your carer role? Check if help may be available for you.

Bexley self-assessment

What is a Carers self-assessment?

Carers self-assessment is for adult carers who are finding it difficult to manage everyday activities whilst caring for another member of the family.

You will be asked questions to help us understand your needs and what, if any, information and advice, equipment or services that may help you in your caring role.

Who can complete a Carer self-assessment?

A carer self-assessment can be completed by anyone who is a carer and who is having difficulty carrying out everyday activities, provided they are aged 18 or over and live within the London Borough of Bexley boundary.

What happens after the self-assessment is completed?

You will be informed whether there is information and advice, equipment, or support that may be available to you.

We might recommend a further assessment for people who have more complex needs than we cover in the self-assessment. This will give them the opportunity to discuss their needs and wishes in more detail.

Would you like to complete a self assessment?

The self assessment can be completed online.

More information

If you need help urgently, or would rather speak to someone in person about your requirements, please contact Care Central.

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