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Make sure you use the right site for Blue Badge applications

We have been advised that a website charging £49 for each Blue Badge application is currently available.

The site at is in no way associated with or endorsed by the Blue Badge Improvement Services (BBIS) or the London Borough of Bexley.

Applications for Blue Badges can be made free of charge at or by contacting the Council on 020 8303 7777 and asking for Blue Badge.

NB: Although the application process is free, the cost of a Blue Badge itself is £10 (refundable if application is unsuccessful).

More information on the Blue Badge scheme in Bexley is available at

Continued success for Bexley's Stop Smoking Team

The Local Tobacco Control Profiles were published last week and figures show that the number of people smoking in Bexley is now lower than the England and London average and smoking rates in Bexley are the lowest in south east London at 14.1%

Bexley's smoking in pregnancy rates are also below the England average and have reduced from last year's figures for the borough.

However just under 8% of pregnant women in Bexley continue to smoke during pregnancy. Bexley Stop Smoking Team have provided Bexley midwives with machines that measure the carbon monoxide levels in both the mother's and the developing baby's bloodstream. 

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas absorbed into the bloodstream through smoking.  It reduces the supply of oxygenated blood available to the mother and the baby and high levels will affect the growth of the baby.  Carbon monoxide testing is now part of recommended routine care for all pregnant women. All pregnant women who smoke are also now automatically referred to the local stop smoking service on an opt-out basis.

The figures also show a decline in Bexley's rates of smoking in those employed in routine and manual occupations.

Bexley's Stop Smoking Service offers free support and a treatment programme for anyone living or working in the borough who would like help to quit.  To find out more visit

Follow the Stop Smoking Team on Twitter @smokefreebexley

For information on the local tobacco profiles visit

Danson Park Watersports Centre

Summer activities for all the family, open from 10am - 6pm for rowboat and mini ship hire in August.

Summer holiday programme for children aged 8 - 16 years old sailing and Kayaking is running for the six week holiday from Monday - Friday 10.30am - 3pm. Costs £21 a day or £85 for the week.

Bookings can be taken by contacting the watersports centre on 0208 303 2828  or visit our website

Want to book a library PC online?

Did you know that you can now book a library PC online? Simple - go to and book your slot. It's free to book and free to use!

For more details contact your local library or visit

National changes to benefit cap

Bexley is reminding residents of a national change that will see the introduction of a lower weekly limit for the total amount of benefits that can be received by a household.

The changes are due to come into place in November.

The current lower weekly limit - known as the 'Benefit Cap' is set at £500 a week. In November this will reduce to £442.31 for couples, families and single parents and from £350 a week to £296.35 for a single person.

Certain groups, such as those in receipt of Working Tax Credit,  Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment, are exempt.

The weekly limit will include the following:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance (work component)
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Maternity Allowance
  • Widowed Parent's Allowance
  • Widows Pension
  • Bereavement Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Universal Credit (unless a Work Capability Assessment has deemed the customer not fit for work)

Where the total amount exceeds the weekly Benefit Cap amount, Housing Benefit will be the entitlement that will be reduced.

If you think you may be affected by these changes, you should consider your options and take action now.

Some of the things you could do to avoid being affected by the cap include finding work or increasing your hours of work; applying for Working Tax Credit, or finding more affordable accommodation.

Further information on the Benefit Cap and exemptions can be found at You can also calculate how you may be affected at

Bexley provides advice and assistance to residents affected by the Benefit Cap. If you need help, please call 0203 045 3165 to speak to our Benefit Cap Advisor.

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