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Reuse and Recycling Centres

The London Borough of Bexley operates two reuse and recycling centres which can be used by residents to recycle a wide range of materials and to dispose of bulky household waste free of charge.

Reuse and Recycling Centre
Symbol for furniture reuse

The addresses of the two centres are:

A wide range of materials can be accepted for recycling. Please separate your waste prior to travelling so that as much as possible can be reused or recycled. In 2011/12 over 54% of waste bought to the reuse and recycling centres was either reused or recycled.

There are also over 50 mini-recycling centres which are located throughout the Borough.

Do you have items which could be used by someone else?

If you have items to bring to the reuse and recycling centre which are in good condition please speak to a member of staff who will direct you to the reuse area. These items will be collected by Recyclemart who will sell the them in their shops. They also have a workshop where they can repair items which have minor damage. 

Items suitable for reuse are:

  • Wooden household furniture which has no major damage
  • Sofas (must have a fire label)
  • Beds (must have a fire label)
  • Bric-a-brac (complete with no damage)
  • Garden furniture (patio chairs, tables, flower pots)
  • Pictures and mirrors
  • Sports equipment
  • Garden tools
  • Petrol lawn mowers (no petrol)
  • Paint (all types of paint are being collected but the tin has to be undamaged, well sealed and at least 2/3 full)

Opening times

Both reuse and recycling centres are open every day from 7.30am to 4pm. They are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and operate restricted hours of 10am until 2pm on New Year's Day.

Use of the Reuse and Recycling Centres is free of charge for all Bexley residents only if a valid orange permit is displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle on entering the centres, these can be requested online.

Residents that are unable to produce a valid permit will have to pay a £6* fee to use the reuse and recycling centres; this fee also applies to customers from outside the Borough.

Vans and trailers

All vans and other commercial vehicles, whether they are domestic or commercially owned, are not admitted to Foots Cray reuse and recycling centre without exception. All vans must use the Thames Road reuse and recycling centre where they will be required to weigh on the weighbridge and tip in the transfer station. Bexley residents are entitled to deposit up to half a tonne of domestic waste a year free of charge.

Please note that orange permits are not valid for residents in vans using Thames Road, separate proof of address must be shown.

The height restriction barriers at both centres are set at 1.75 metres. Overheight vehicles (excluding vans at Foots Cray) may be admitted at the discretion of site staff.

Trailers entering both centres are monitored and may be asked to use the weighbridge. This is to ensure trailers are not bringing commercial waste into the sites unofficially. If necessary drivers will be asked to sign a consent note giving The Council the right to check the origin of the waste.

Frequent visitors

If you frequently visit the reuse and recycling centres you may be asked the origin of your waste and advised on recycling facilities. This is to ensure visitors are not bringing commercial waste into the sites unofficially.

Hazardous waste

Please do not use the reuse and recycling centres to dispose of hazardous waste such as chemicals or pesticides. Hazardous waste can be collected free of charge by the hazardous waste collection service.


We accept all cement bonded asbestos (sheets, pipes and tiles) at both Reuse and Recycling Centres. Please ask a member of staff for assistance on arrival at the centre.


Tyres are accepted for environmental disposal at both Reuse and Recycling Centres. Disposal of tyres is strictly limited to 5 tyres per visit and a maximum of two visits per vehicle per year.

Public weighbridges

Both centres are equipped with public weighbridges; the cost of using these facilities is £7* per vehicle. Please ask a member of staff for assistance on arrival at the centre if you wish to weigh your vehicle.

All items deposited at the Reuse and Recycling Centres are the property of the London Borough of Bexley and are not be removed from the site.

*Current charges valid to 31 March 2015.