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Bexley's town centres

Bexley's towns are the heart of local communities, providing a range of essential services and jobs as well as being the hub of local public transport.

Bexley's town centres

The Council is committed to promoting the viability and vitality of each town centre to ensure adequate local service provision and safe and pleasant public spaces for people to enjoy. Visit Transport for London for details of public transport links and Direct Enquiries for information about disabled access.

  • Bexleyheath

    Bexleyheath is the borough's strategic town centre and one of the most economically successful town centres in London.

  • Crayford

    Crayford is a major district centre in the east of the borough.

  • Erith

    Erith is a major district centre in the north of the borough, overlooking the River Thames.

  • Sidcup

    Sidcup is the major district centre in the south of the borough and serves as the commercial heart of the local community.

  • Welling

    Welling is a large town centre situated in the west of the borough.

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