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Marriages and civil partnerships

Your wedding or civil partnership day is special to you and to The Kent Registration Service.

Danson House
Danson House reception hall

'Simply Perfect' Kentish Weddings and Civil Partnerships are unique ceremonies provided by Kent County Council at the ceremony venues it licences across Kent and Bexley. These include stately homes, castles, country hotels, restaurants, civic halls and garden gazebos - to name just a few.

A special ceremony pack will normally be issued to you when you give your Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership. Please see giving notice of marriage and booking a ceremony for more details.

Your ceremony pack provides a framework for you to personalise your ceremony to include a number of important choices, including your marriage vows.

You may want your wedding or civil partnership to be traditional or perhaps a less formal occasion or you may wish to consider a 'theme wedding'. It's up to you!

A 'Simply Perfect' Kentish Wedding or Civil Partnership is about choice - your choice - and is unique to Kent and Bexley.

For more details, pictures and information visit A Kentish ceremony.

Our ceremonies teams can be contacted below:

Bexley: 03000 411103
Dartford: 03000 413678
Tunbridge Wells: 03000 412234
Ramsgate: 03000 411919
Canterbury: 03000 415050
Maidstone: 03000 414004