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Authority Monitoring Report

The London Borough of Bexley produces an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) to assess the effectiveness of its planning policies.

The AMR also helps central government and the Mayor of London assess how effectively Bexley's policies support national and regional planning policies.

The Council produces its AMR in accordance with central government guidance that local planning authorities should regularly monitor and review their development plans. The AMR also considers progress on preparation of the Local Development Framework.

Authority Monitoring Report 2013/14

In December 2014, the Council approved its Authority Monitoring Report for the year 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014.

A copy of the 2013/14 AMR and previous AMR's can be found below.

Five year housing land supply assessment

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), requires each local planning authority to review annually the five-year supply of housing in its area, as part of the AMR process. The Council has considered sites identified within the Greater London Authority's (GLA) Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2013 (SHLAA) as updated, and sites that have planning permission or are under construction. The Council considers that it is on course to exceed its London Plan over the next five years, because 2,370 units are likely to be provided via specific sites, compared with a London Plan target of 2,230 units from conventional housing supply.

The supply is made up as follows:

  • 681 units are under construction
  • 703 units with current planning permissions
  • SHLAA sites with applications, pending approval or section 106 agreements account for 724 units, plus an additional 26 units on sites not identified in the SHLAA
  • 236 units based on a small sites allowance of 109 net new homes per annum, plus 18 for long term vacant units returning to use, and non-self-contained units; for the last two years of the five year period

There is a requirement set out in paragraph 47 of the NPPF for local planning authorities to identify in their five year housing supply an additional 5 - 20% buffer above their housing requirements to provide a realistic prospect of achieving the planning supply and to ensure choice and competition in the market for land. A 5% buffer would bring the total sites to 2,341. This figure is within Bexley's total identified five year housing supply, meaning that Bexley meets this requirement.

Further details regarding Bexley's future housing supply, including the five year housing land supply assessment, can be found below.

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