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Affordable housing SPD

As part of its Local Development Framework, the London Borough of Bexley prepared a supplementary planning document (SPD) to guide developments within the borough that may include the provision of affordable housing.

Bexley's Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document was adopted on 9 March 2006, together with the final report of the sustainability appraisal and the adoption statement.

The document is intended to clarify and support the affordable housing policies contained within the 2004 Unitary Development Plan. It is therefore a material consideration when the Council considers planning applications that may include the provision of affordable housing.

The information on housing mix and tenure in the Affordable Housing SPD and Core Strategy has now been updated. Please see Housing strategy for updated information on Bexley's housing requirement.

The formula used to calculate developers' contributions towards the provision of Affordable Housing (Appendix 1) was revised in 2009. The revised version is available as a separate document.

You can view the documents as PDF's below.

Addendum (June 2009)

In light of changing circumstances, the London Borough of Bexley has modified its approach to transfer values from that set out in paragraphs 3.16, 3.18 and Appendix 1 of the adopted version of its Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document, which can be viewed below.

The London Plan: consolidated with alterations since 2004 (February 2008)

The consolidated London Plan was published on 19 February 2008.

This document forms part of Bexley's Development Plan and is therefore relevant to the determination of planning applications within the borough. A number of new or amended policies have been introduced which will now take precedence over some existing policies and guidance within the adopted UDP and SPDs.

The Council will issue addendums to the documents affected as soon as possible.

In the meantime if you have any questions or queries on this matter please contact the Strategic planning and growth team.

Further background information and draft documents are available on our Affordable housing consultation can be viewed below.

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