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Bexley is known for its many keen gardeners. The borough has 35 well-used allotment sites, some of which operate under delegated management.

Delegated sites are run by a committee of allotment holders, please contact Parks and Open Spaces for contact details of the delegated site secretary.

See the map of allotment sites.

Key to allotments map (D = delegated management)

1. Alers Road (D) 
2. Barry Avenue
3. Bourne Road (D)
4. Burnell Avenue
5. Chapmans Land
6. Church Road
7. Cray Road
8. Crayford Way
9. Days Lane
10. Elstree Gardens
11. Gilbert Road
12. Grasmere Road
13. Harland Avenue
14. Knoll Road
15. Leatherbottle
16. Lesnes Abbey
17. Lesney Farm
18. Longlands Road
19. Love Lane (D)
20. Monks Farm
21. Old Farm Avenue (D)
22. Olyffe Avenue
23. Orchard (D)
24. Parkside Avenue
25. Priestlands
26. Radnor Avenue
27. Ripley Road
28. Rosemary Road (D)
29. Sheldons
30. Sherwood Park Avenue
31. South Road (D)
32. Stable Meadows
33. Station Approach
34. Valentine Avenue
35. Warwick Road

At present the following sites have vacancies - Alers Road, Burnell Avenue, Crayford Way, Cray Road, Grasmere Road, Harland Avenue, Knoll Road, Olyffe Avenue, Priestlands Park, Radnor Avenue, Ripley Road, Sheldons, Sherwood Park, Stable Meadows, Valentine Avenue, and Warwick Road. All other sites currently have waiting lists.

Allotment waiting list

London Borough of Bexley waiting list policy is to allocate plots in the following order:

  1. Borough residents who do not currently have an allotment plot
  2. Borough residents who have half a plot but would like an additional plot
  3. Out of borough residents who do not have a plot
  4. Out of borough residents who want a second half plot
  5. Borough residents who already have two half plot and want a third half plot
  6. Out of borough residents who already have two half plots and want a third half plot

Please note that before a tenant is issued with an additional plot we will check they are fully achieving the required minimum standards on their existing plot(s).

Allotments are rented for an annual charge based on the size of the allotment.

Allotment charges from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 - Council sites

Size (m2)

Borough resident annual full price (£0.28p/m2)

Borough resident annual concession price (£0.14p/m2)
Size (m2)Non borough resident annual full price (0.36p/m2)Non borough resident annual concession price (£0.18p/m2)

Key deposit charges

From 1 January 2011 key deposit charges will be £20.00, with a concession for senior citizens of £10.00.


The keeping of hens on allotment sites is now permitted by agreement.