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Councillors information and advice

The London Borough of Bexley is divided into 21 wards. Each ward is represented by three elected councillors.

You can quickly find out who your Councillor is on Your councillors.

Elections are held every four years - the next one is due in 2018.

The Council meets for normal business three times a year in July, November and April.

An annual meeting is also held (usually in May) when the main business is to elect a Mayor and to appoint Members to a number of Committees and Outside Bodies.  

A special meeting is held in March every year to agree the budget for the following financial year and set the level of the Council Tax.

You can see how various Council committees work in relation to each other on Committee structure.

Unlike the officers, Councillors are not employees of the Council and they are not paid a salary for their duties. They do, however, receive an allowance designed to recompense them for the work which they undertake.

As well as forming part of the Council's decision making processes, Councillors also form an essential link between the Council and the constituents they represent. As such, Councillors are available to be contacted by constituents and many Councillors hold regular 'surgeries' in their wards.

If you are trying to find out who your local or European Member of Parliament is, please see Local MP's information and advice.

Bexley Councillors                                     
Conservative Party45
Labour Party15
UK Independence Party  3

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