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Report fraud or corruption (whistleblowing)

The Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability.

In line with that commitment the Council encourages employees and others with serious concerns about any aspect of the Council's work to come forward and voice those concerns.

The Council recognises that certain cases will have to proceed on a confidential basis. You may be interested in our Whistleblowing Policy and our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy, please see the PDF's under related downloads.

You may use our online form to report fraud or corruption for any services for which the Council is responsible. This could be reporting someone who you suspect is committing benefit fraud or injury fraud, or reporting a Council employee or contracted representative for fraud or corruption.

Where criminal activity is identified, the matter will always be referred to the police.

Please select what you are reporting, as this directs your comments to the correct department confidentially.

While you have a right to remain anonymous, please note that anonymous allegations are more difficult to investigate and less likely to lead to a satisfactory conclusion. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply leave the name and email fields blank.

If your concern does not relate to the Council's services, you may find the useful links under external websites helpful.