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Selection tests

Selection test in September 2015 for children transferring to secondary school in September 2016

The Bexley test took place on 15 and 16 September. There are no further opportunities for children not previously registered to sit the test.

The results will be sent by first class post on 6 October to arrive on 7 October 2015. If you have moved home since registering your child for the test, please inform the School Admissions Team of your new address. Results will not be available online or by email.

The result letter will tell you whether your child is non selective, selective or among the top 180 scorers. You will be given your child's individual standardised scores for verbal, non verbal and mathematical reasoning, and the total standardised score.

Selection tests for children already at secondary school

Children can be admitted to grammar schools in Bexley after the start of Year 7 if vacancies arise because, for example, other children leave the school. If you would like to apply for a place at a grammar school in Bexley for your child, you should apply directly to the school.

The tests are not the same as those taken by children in the last year of primary school.

If your child is deemed selective but a place is not available at your preferred school, you will be able to request that he or she is placed on the waiting list for a place. Being deemed selective does not guarantee that a place will be offered.

For further information regarding the in year selection tests, please view the grammar school websites.

You can also email with questions not answered on this page.

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