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Local land search charges

When you borrow money against a property, the lender invariably requires a Local Authority Search to be carried out.

As buying a property is usually the biggest financial commitment most of us make, we would always recommend that you use a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to carry out the conveyancing and searches.

You can email your queries or your search request to Local Land Charges Services. Links to the National Land Information Service and TM Search Group have also been provided, where you can submit your search electronically.

Search fees

Local Land Charges Search Fees - (Residential and Commercial)

Current Fees
Standard Search (LLC1 and Con 29 Part 1)£110
LLC1 only£28.00
Con 29R only£82.00
Additional parcel LLC1 only£9
Additional parcel Con29R only£33
Each Con29O optional enquiry£33
Personal search inspection of the Local Land Charges Register (Environmental Information Regulations)Free
Each additional question£55
Copy documents-per document£16.00
Duplicate searchFree


All fees must be prepaid. Payment can be by cheque made payable to London Borough of Bexley or you can pay over the telephone using a debit or credit card.

DX Number

Our DX number is DX 31807 Bexleyheath.

Response times

The majority of standard searches on residential properties are returned in less than 5 working days. Commercial and industrial searches will take a little longer to process and requisitions for these should always be accompanied by a plan.

Urgent searches

If the search is urgent then please let us know as we may be able to arrange an urgent response. There is no additional charge for this.

Electronic searches

If you would like to submit your search electronically please visit the two electronic search portals - National Land Information Service (NLIS) and TM Search Group  - to decide which company best suits your needs.

Search forms

Forms to carry out local authority searches ( LLC1 and CON29 R and O) are available as PDF's under related downloads.

Search contents

The typical local authority search will only tell you information about the property that you are buying. You can however raise additional enquiries with your search asking about development proposals within 200 metres of the property - this will incur an additional fee - please see the table of charges above.

Examples of information given in the local authority search include:

  • Planning history for the property itself
  • Conservation areas
  • Tree preservation orders
  • Listed Building status
  • Certain legal agreements
  • Improvement grants
  • Financial charges imposed by the Council
  • Council or state road or rail schemes within 200 metres of the property
  • Compulsory purchase orders made by the Council
  • The designation of the property on the Council's Unitary Development Plan
  • Maintenance of roads given in the property address

Property ownership/boundaries

Enquiries for information about who owns a property and details of boundaries should be made to the Land Registry.

Drainage and sewerage enquiries

Enquiries about drainage and sewerage matters should be made to Thames Water.


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