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Overview and Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny Committees investigate local issues and make recommendations to improve services to residents in the Borough.

In addition to overseeing Council services, Overview and Scrutiny Committees are responsible for looking into local health services issues and crime and disorder.

The Overview and Scrutiny function at Bexley Council

Bexley's committee structure includes three independent committees, which reflect the responsibilities of the Council Directorates. Each Committee has 19 elected Members and some committees have additional or co-opted members from external organisations.

The Committees are as follows:

  • People Overview and Scrutiny Committee - This Committee's remit covers a range of issues including: adult's services; children's services; crime and disorder and health
  • Places Overview  and Scrutiny Committee - This committee discusses environmental issues (including flood risk); heritage; leisure; parks and open spaces; housing and regeneration and traffic/parking issues
  • Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee - This committee scrutinises issues such as the Council's budget strategy, Council Tax collection and corporate performance

The main functions of Overview and Scrutiny Committees are to: -

  • Review, examine and develop the Council's services and make recommendations to the Cabinet on future policies
  • Consider any matter affecting the economic, environmental or social well being of Bexley residents
  •  Review executive decisions made by the Cabinet and Call-In (suspend) any decision made but not yet implemented for reconsideration
  • Consider matters referred to the Committee as a Councillor Call for Action. These are items that Ward Councillors have referred to the appropriate Committee because they feel all other reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the issue
  • Scrutinise the impact of the work of other agencies and the NHS
  • Establish small Sub-Groups to conduct in-depth topic reviews
  • Carry out "reality checking" by visiting services, establishments or locations across the Borough
  • Oversee and scrutinise the performance of the Council and other partner organisations to improve services provided to Bexley residents

Find out more information about our scrutiny reviews and find out how you can get involved by making a suggestion for a review.

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