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Development control

The Council's Development Control department is responsible for processing applications made under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

It regulates the development and use of land to ensure that it accords with Unitary Development Plan policies, enforce against breaches of planning control and maintain records and registers of development. Development control aims to protect and improve the environment, achieve high standards of design and support the economic regeneration of Bexley.

If you intend to carry out development in Bexley, it is likely that you will need to submit applications to both development control (planning related applications) and building control (building regulations related applications). It is important that you obtain all necessary permissions before carrying out any work as this may prevent costly alterations, particularly if any of your applications are rejected.

Planning portal

A good source of information on all aspects of the planning process is the Planning Portal, part of the common vision for improving the planning process in England and Wales. The Planning Portal provides guidance and information about making planning applications, as well as resources for study and research:

  • General guidance - offers a brief introduction to the planning system and some explanation of what planning is for and why it is important; intended for both householders and business people it explains why planning controls are necessary and how decisions are made
  • Make an application - create a planning application and send it electronically along with any attachments, or complete the forms on your computer then print and send them by post as part of a traditional paper application. You can also use the on-line applications service to produce a site location plan to accompany your application and pay the appropriate application fee
  • Appeals - advice and guidance on the making and progress of planning and enforcement appeals. You can see a summary of the progress of an appeal case including its current status by using the Council's Public Access on-line enquiry facility
  • Study planning - if you're interested in a career in planning or want to learn about town and country planning at all levels and in all types of education
  • Planning documents, reports, statistics  - gives access to local government reports, guidance and notes for all professional planners, lawyers, students, academics and others 

PublicAccess for planning applications, enforcements and appeals

PublicAccess for planning is an Internet service that allows you to view details of planning applications (Development Control) currently being considered by the Council, as well as a history of past planning applications submitted since July 1987. You can monitor the progress of an application and make comments while it is being considered.

You can also look at details of enforcement enquiries received as well as any appeals made against decisions made on planning applications and enforcement cases.

You can view Weekly Lists of applications received or decisions made, up to the day of your search. Applications may also be retrieved by reference number or address or postcode or street or by clicking on a location on a map.

Please follow the PublicAccess link provided in the right hand menu to access the service - together with its terms and conditions of use.

Paper copies of weekly lists of applications registered during the past week are sent to councillors and placed in local libraries. An electronic version of the weekly list of registered applications is regularly updated and lists for the previous two weeks are also available and can be downloaded as PDFs from the Council's Planning applications webpage.

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