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If you are not sure whether the Act applies to the work that you are planning, you should seek professional advice.

You can obtain this section of the site in booklet form ("The Party Wall etc. Act 1996: explanatory booklet"), as well as another booklet called "Planning: a Guide for Householders", free of charge, from:

  • The DoE Publications Despatch Centre, Blackhorse Road, London, SE99 6TT. Tel. 020 8691 9191, fax 020 8694 0099

The Act and related statutory instruments

  • The Party Wall etc. Act 1996
    (published by HMSO, ISBN 0-10-544096-5)
  • The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (Commencement) Order 1997
    (SI 1997/670 (c.24)) (published by TSO, ISBN 011-064-2139)
  • The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (Repeal of Local Enactments) Order 1997
    (SI 1997/671) (published by TSO, ISBN 011-064-2120)

Other publications (unofficial)

  • Party Walls and What To Do With Them (fourth edition)
    (published by RICS Books, ISBN 085-406-7868)
  • The Party Wall Act Explained
    (published by The Pyramus & Thisbe Club, ISBN 0-9520704-1-3)
  • Party Walls: The New Law
    (published by Jordans, ISBN 0-85308-401-7)
  • An Introduction to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996
    (published by Lark Productions Ltd., ISBN 1-898383-55-3)
  • Party Wall Legislation and Procedure
    (guidance notes and computer disk available from RICS Books, ISBN 085-4067-85X)
  • The Party Wall etc. Act 1996
    (Owlion audio cassette available from RICS)

Department for Communities and Local Government also contains a section about the Act. 

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