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Admission to Reception classes in September 2015/16

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011, he or she can start school in September 2015.

The closing date for applications was 15 January 2015. If you missed the closing date and live in  the London Borough of Bexley, you should make a late application as soon as you can. The application form is available as a PDF in related downloads, or contact the School Admissions team for a paper form. The 'Admission to Primary Schools in Bexley 2015' booklet is also  in related downloads. The booklet lists all the schools in Bexley and tells you how places are offered at each school.

If you do not live in Bexley, you should apply through your home local authority. You can list schools in Bexley on your form.

If you applied online before the closing date, you will receive an email with the outcome of your application after 5pm on 16 April 2015. If you applied on a paper form, you will receive a letter on 17 April 2015. Late applicants will not receive a letter or email in April, but will be offered a place in May or June.

Parents have the right to appeal if a place is not offered at a school that was a higher preference than the one offered. Appeals should be made to the admission authority for the school. There is a list of admission authorities in related downloads. Appeals for community and voluntary controlled schools should be submitted by 15 May, and the appeals will be heard in June or early July. Appeals submitted after 15 May will still be heard, but it may take longer for the Appeal Panel to be arranged. A Parental Appeal Form can be found in related downloads.

Admission to Reception classes in September 2014/15

If your child was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 and you have not yet applied for a school place, you should apply as soon as possible. Please contact the School Admissions team for an application form.