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Commercial property

Property for sale or let and rooms for hire.

Commercial property

The Property Services Division is responsible for the disposal of all surplus Council property and offers to rent property held within the Council's non-operational portfolio. For details of property which is available to buy, rent or for rooms to hire, details can be found on Property available.

Property ownership enquiries:

The London Borough of Bexley owns a wide range of properties throughout the borough from which services are delivered, as well as properties held as investments and in the process of being sold. The Bexley property asset map shows the location of these properties. In accordance with the Government's Transparency Code data on the Council's property assets (excluding social housing and highway land) is also available in PDF and CSV formats under related downloads.

Information about property in private ownership may be available from HM Land Registry.

Register your interest in buying or renting a property:

If you would like to receive an email alert informing you of property opportunities please complete the online form. You will then receive an email every time the council markets a property for sale or a commercial property to let.

The Council's Bexley for Business team provides help to businesses looking for premises in the borough. If you would like details of private commercial property being offered for sale or to rent, enter your requirements and contact details on the Bexley for Business property search.