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School admissions

Information about applying for nursery, primary and secondary school places.

The application periods for applying for nursery, primary and secondary admissions for September 2015 are now closed.

If you have missed the closing dates for any school application for September 2015, you should make a late application as soon as possible. You can download application forms from Nursery classesPrimary schools and Secondary schools or contact the School Admissions team for paper application forms.

Are you looking after a child who is not your own child or a close relative? If you are, it may be considered to be a private fostering arrangement and you must notify the Council's Children's Social Care Team. If we receive an application for a school place for a child who is not living with one of their parents, we will ask you for further details and make sure that the Social Care Team is aware of any child who is being privately fostered. (This does not apply to children in public care who are being looked after by foster parents or who are subject to formal court or guardianship orders). More information can be found at Private fostering.

Primary School places pressure

The London Borough of Bexley prides itself in the work it undertakes to plan for and commission school places. That said, like the rest of London, it is coming under increasing and unprecedented pressure. In the case of applications for Reception places received by the published closing date, offers of first or second choices remain amongst the highest in London. For applications received at any other time in the academic year including all other year groups, options are far more restricted. Therefore, before you consider applying please be aware of these limitations. Further advice on this can be obtained from

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