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Local Development Framework

The new planning system changes the focus to spatial planning.

In 2004, the government introduced a new 'two-tiered' local planning system made up of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Frameworks. Regional Spatial Strategies are prepared by regional planning bodies and set out an extensive spatial planning strategy for how a region should look in 15 to 20 years time. In London, the relevant strategy is the London Plan.

The diagram above explains the Local Development Framework in more detail, please select the image to enlarge it.

A Local Development Framework or LDF is a portfolio of planning documents produced by each council setting out a spatial strategy for their local area. It aims to join policies for land use and development with policies that influence the nature of places and how they function. These influences are social, economic and environmental. Once adopted the documents within the LDF will replace the Unitary Development Plan.

Bexley's Local Development Framework sets out our planning strategy for managing future growth and development and will consist of:

Procedural documents

  • Statement of Community Involvement (adopted 18 December 2006)
  • Local Development Scheme (adopted 9 December 2008) 
  • Annual Monitoring Report (produced annually)

Development Plan Documents (DPDs)

  • The Core Strategy (draft document)
  • Erith Area Action Plan (draft document)
  • Site Specific Allocations (started information gathering)
  • Development Standards (not yet started)

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

  • Thamesmead and Abbey Wood (adopted 31 December 2009)
  • Lamorbey Planning Brief (adopted 8 September 2008)
  • Planning Obligations Guidance (adopted 26 July 2008)
  • Sustainable Design and Construction Guide (adopted 29 October 2007)
  • Bexleyheath Civic Offices Planning Brief (adopted 13 July 2007)
  • Affordable Housing (adopted 9 March 2006)
  • Design for Living - Bexley's residential design Guide (adopted 21 January 2006)
  • Open Space Strategy - to update the existing strategy that was adopted on 4th December 2008 (not yet started)
  • Thames-side Guidance (not yet started)

The London Borough of Bexley has already produced some LDF documents. Information on both adopted and draft documents can be viewed through the LDF documents section.

Hard copies of LDF documents are available to view at:

You can purchase copies of LDF documents by contacting the LDF Team.

NB: Paper copies of draft LDF documents may not be available after Council has adopted the final version.