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The London Plan

To organise an economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of the capital to 2031.

The new London Plan was published July 2011.

This document forms part of Bexley's Development Plan and is therefore relevant to the determination of planning applications within the borough. A number of new or amended policies have been introduced which will now take precedence over some existing policies and guidance within the adopted UDP and SPDs.

The Council will issue addendums to the documents affected as soon as possible. In the meantime if you have any questions or queries on this matter please contact the LDF team.

Proposals for a Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy

The Mayor of London has drafted proposals for a Community Infrastructure Levy that will help fund Crossrail. The Levy will apply in varying degrees across Greater London.

The draft levy was subject to an examination in public late last year and will come into effect at the beginning of April 2012.

Although currently in draft form, the levy is likely to apply to all planning applications proposing an increase in floorspace of more than 100 square metres or to new development that includes provision of new residential units, although exemptions are also proposed.

In accordance with the above mentioned timescales, it is intended for the levy to be charged to all relevant planning applications determined from the beginning of April 2012 onwards.

The charge will apply in addition to, and take precedence over, the planning obligation contributions required in Bexley's Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document.

Further information on the London Mayor's proposals for a Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy  can be found on the Mayor of London's website.

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