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Material considerations

There are a number of matters the Council can take into account when dealing with applications for telecommunications development. These include:

  • The potential for site sharing or for locating antennae on existing buildings or structures
  • Whether a new mast or antenna is of appropriate size, design and colour to minimise visual impact
  • The cumulative impact upon the environment of antennae sharing a mast, of masts sharing a site, or of masts within a locality
  • The degree to which the proposed mast or antennae would be screened
  • The impact the proposal may have on sensitive environments including Green Belt locations
  • Impact of noise from the equipment on the amenity of nearby residents

 Any of these issues will also be relevant to the consideration of 'siting' and 'appearance' in "prior approval" applications. Any adverse impacts of the proposed development must be weighed against the need for the development as part of the roll out of the national telecommunications network.