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More active, more healthy and more successful

Our Vision is to create opportunities and overcome barriers to take part in physical activity and sport in Bexley.

Members of Bexleyheath Cricket Club
A young family walking through the park

'More Active, More Healthy, More Successful' is a strategy to get Bexley residents taking part in regular physical activity and sport.

More active - Inspiring people to participate in regular physical activity and sport.

More healthy - Helping people understand and enjoy the health benefits from increased and sustained activity.

More successful - Encouraging people to set their own personal participation goals, irrespective of ability, and helping them succeed in leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Strategy priorities

  • Reducing inactivity and increasing participation for everyone
  • Ensuring we have the right places in which to participate and the right people to support increased participation
  • Improving our marketing and communications
  • Developing more effective partnerships, strengthening existing ones and making effective use of our resources
  • Having 'Pathways to Success' in place
  • Benefiting from the Olympic and Paralympic Games and using the event to raise the profile and importance of physical activity and sport

Together these priorities offer the greatest potential to increase physical activity, sport and other recreational activities within Bexley.

The following list shows some examples of the projects that are taking place. For a full list and more information please see Sport and activity projects under Related Downloads.

Reducing inactivity and increasing participation for everyone5K Your Way, (5km run for employees)
After work badminton club
Healthy Walks
Sidelined projects
People and placesCoach Education courses
Parkrun (free weekly timed run)
Marketing and communicationsActive Bexley Community Sports Booklet
Effective Partnerships and better use of resourcesSportivate funding
Support for voluntary clubs
Pathways to successAdult Beginners jogging course
Hall Place Football Plan
Sporting Best
Benefiting from London 2012Development of activities database

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