Professional roles in Bexley

As a busy borough council with almost 250,000 residents to look after, we’re always looking for new people to help us make life in Bexley better than ever.

You can teach, or work in social care, or do any number of other important roles. And whatever you do, expect competitive pay and great benefits.

You can search for a job online now, or check out some of the roles we regularly recruit for below.

Educational psychology

Our educational psychologists know about the developmental issues in children and young people, as well as children’s experiences at school and home, and how these can affect their learning. They undertake detailed assessments of children and young people in the context of school (and sometimes at home), to explore any difficulties with learning the child or young person may be having, as well as identifying strengths. Their work also includes exploring the social/emotional barriers to learning that children and young people may face.

Educational Psychologists work closely with the key people involved in supporting the child or young person. This would include meeting with parents to gain their views and working with teachers to advise on learning, emotional and social issues (including behavioural difficulties). They liaise closely with other teams that might know a child, such as social care or health teams. They help teachers and parents/carers devise, implement and review a plan to help each child succeed. They also deliver therapeutic interventions to individual and small groups of children and young people in school. They provide support at a whole school level, for example through training sessions, and give advice to the Council about how to best meet the needs of children and young people with complex needs. 


Bexley Council’s Legal Services Department provides specialist legal advice to the Council's service directorates and Members. Legal Services has expertise spanning a wide range of legal disciplines and provides high-quality advice from its team of dedicated and professional staff.

Legal Services is Lexcel accredited reflecting the quality in relation to legal practice management standards – an accreditation it has retained since 2001. Legal Services is committed to a philosophy of continuous improvement in respect of providing effective services to its corporate client base through adoption of Quality standards, and range of policies, plans and procedures with focused reviews and development of staff.


Whatever your passion for working with people, there’s a team at Bexley where you can put it to good use. Our HR Delivery team take care of payroll, pensions and systems. Our Workforce Resourcing team assists managers with their recruitment needs and our HR Advisory colleagues help managers and policymakers create an excellent working environment. Our School's HR team provide support to schools and headteachers. And our Health & Safety team do exactly what you’d think.


When you join our finance team you'll be part of a newly restructured service in place from 1 April 2021, with ambitious plans to improve the financial management of the authority. The focus is on the improvement of the services we offer, engaging non-financial services to become more confident around managing their budgets and providing more financial data analysis to decision-makers in those services.

We are committed to 'developing from within' and have a rolling trainee/apprentice recruitment programme. As well as developing our current staff through internal training and mentoring, we support external professional training. We operate a 'one service' model with staff expected to provide services across all aspects of finance from business partnering right through to technical accounting on the closure of accounts. It is an exciting time for the service with many opportunities for staff to develop their skills and experience. 


Bexley is in a phase of extraordinary growth and development, and we attract ambitious graduates and senior planning experts to help us deliver on it. So whether you’re all about housing strategy, sustainability, transport planning or infrastructure development, you’ll find a use for your talents here.

ICT & Digital

Bexley is rightly proud of the ICT Services in use by its people and the digital services it provides to its residents. Join Bexley to be part of a team that focuses on change, innovation, service design and putting the customer at the heart of everything that we do. 


Covering local and national press enquiries, releases, social media, newsletters and more, our busy comms team works closely with colleagues across the council. 

Customer services and business support 

Our contact centre gives Bexley residents a window into the work we do, so we look for empathetic, highly organised team members who can answer their questions on the phone, by email or by post.

Our Business Support Hub Teams provide comprehensive administrative support to a range of services across the Council to meet the core business needs of the service (as deployed by the Team Leader and agreed with the Service Manager (Customer Services & Business Support). The teams play an important role in providing both generic and specialist support. 

Hours of operation of the business support hubs are normally from 8.48am to 5pm, but where there is a service requirement, arrangements are put into place to provide cover between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

The Council is currently going through many changes, as well as providing high-quality services to the residents of Bexley. This is an exciting time to be part of this new environment and new strategies that will be evolving, with business support playing a key role in many of the changes.