Shaping our future together 2017 to 2025

The Corporate Plan

#BrilliantBexley Shaping our future together 2017 (Corporate Plan) (PDF) builds a vision of the London Borough of Bexley in 2025. From this vision flows the needs and priorities that the Council will adopt to work with partners and wider communities in order to achieve that vision for current and future generations.

The Corporate Plan outlines our commitments to residents and is linked to our Medium Term Financial Strategy which establishes the resource allocation to deliver these commitments.

Five key priorities are proposed for the coming years:

  1. Growth that benefits all
  2. Clean and green local places
  3. Strong and resilient communities and families
  4. Living well
  5. Innovation and self-sufficiency

Together, these objectives form the Council’s response to the financial climate for the public sector, as we plan to become 'self-sufficient' and operate without Government grant from 2020.

In setting clear commitments for the coming years, the Corporate Plan also forms the starting point for us to manage our performance. The Corporate Plan will be underpinned by Delivery Plans in each of the Directorates and will be revised and updated as necessary over its lifespan to reflect any changes in priorities, in legal requirements or in the Council’s funding position.