Roadmap out of lockdown

The government has set out its 4 step plan to gradually ease restrictions

  1. Step 1 - 8 and 29 March
  2. Step 2 - not before 12 April
  3. Step 3 - not before 17 May
  4. Step 4 - not before 21 June

From Monday 17 May:

Meeting up

  • people can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors
  • six people or two households can meet indoors, with overnight stays allowed
  • up to 30 people can attend weddings, receptions and other life events
  • number of people who can attend a funeral no longer capped, but determined by the size of venue
  • up to 30 allowed to attend a support group or parent-and-child group (not counting under fives)
  • care home residents allowed up to five named visitors, and more freedom for visits out of the home
  • social distancing with close family and friends will be a matter of personal judgement. But people are asked to remain cautious around close contact, like hugging
  • social distancing will remain in place in social care, medical, retail, hospitality and business settings
  • people will still need to wear face coverings on transport and in shops, unless they are exempt

Leisure and entertainment

  • pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers indoors
  • indoor entertainment such as museums, cinemas and children's play areas can open
  • theatres, concert halls, conference centres and sports stadiums can all reopen
  • organised adult sports and exercise classes can restart indoors
  • steam rooms and saunas may reopen
  • hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen

Lockdown will be eased in several stages if these four conditions are met:

  • the coronavirus vaccine programme continues to go to plan
  • evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently reducing the number of people dying, or needing hospital treatment, because of the virus
  • infection rates do not create the risk of a surge in hospital admissions
  • new variants of the virus do not fundamentally change the risk of lifting the restrictions

Find out more about the four-step plan to gradually lift restrictions

Full guidance on the four step plan COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 can be found on GOV.UK. You can also find the easy read, large print and multilingual versions of the guidance here.