Housing services support

Anyone who needs housing support during the Coronavirus Pandemic should make an enquiry using the housing support form.

Hosing support form

You can now send us supporting documents for new or ongoing housing enquiries using the online housing support form. This includes proof of identity documents such as driving licenses and passports.

If you are struggling to make rent payments, are worried about being made homeless or need support with finding accommodation the Council’s housing support team may be able to help. Please use the housing support form.

The government have announced some new measures to protect tenants and landlords during the current pandemic.

These include:

  • Emergency legislation suspending new evictions will be passed as “an urgent priority”, meaning landlords will not be able to start possession proceedings against tenants for at least three months.
  • Private landlords whose tenants are struggling to pay the rent will be protected through a three-month buy-to-let mortgage payment holiday

If your query relates to concerns about the quality or safety of your housing please contact Environmental Health at environmentalhealth@bexley.gov.uk

If you have an urgent need for local information, guidance and advice, please call Bexley Coronavirus helpline 020 3045 5398

Rough sleeping

Anyone concerned about a rough sleeper or someone they fear may sleep rough can make a StreetLink referral. Please provide as much detail as possible.

We work closely with our lead worker from StreetLink. Once referred we will do our best to make contact with the person and during these unprecedented times, we will work to accommodate them as quickly as possible.

Website www.streetlink.london
Telephone 0300 500 0914
Or download StreetLink's Android app or iPhone app