Parking services information

We understand that this is once again a difficult time for everyone, and to assist, we have implemented the following service development/improvement measures to help the public during the new national restrictions.


Central Government has confirmed that the provision of civil traffic and parking services is a crucial element in assisting the key worker services and as such, it should continue at this time.

All parking permits and authorisations remain valid and enforcement against those not holding a valid permit will continue.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)

CEOs are concentrating on main thoroughfares; town centres, areas where it is important to maintain traffic flow, hospitals, chemists, etc, however, it should be noted that all civil traffic and parking contraventions across the borough remain enforceable.

CEOs are also concentrating on the more serious types of contraventions, such as; yellow lines, pedestrian crossings, footway/pavement parking, disabled persons’ parking bays, loading bays, etc, however, penalty charges can still be issued for all less serious type contraventions.

All CEOs have been briefed on COVID secure working practices and these are regularly updated by their employer APCOA based on the latest guidelines issued by Central Government and industry best practice.

CEOs also have access to Personal Protective Equipment such as hand sanitiser, masks and gloves and patrol lengths have been shortened to allow for increased and enhanced cleansing of the equipment and other materials at the operations base.

CEOs have also been actively encouraged to provide assistance to the public and offer guidance to safe parking facilities.

Penalty Charges

Whilst penalty charges issued must still be challenged in the same way, new policies have been agreed which will allow our officers to consider all challenges made referencing COVID-19 carefully and sympathetically.

Parking Services

The Council continues to provide a full parking service to the public. Provision of our services has not been affected or interrupted during the pandemic, however, where possible we encourage motorists to use our online facilities at Parking, transport and streets as these are the most effective ways to communicate with the service.

Please note, it is not currently possible for motorists to make cash payments at Erith Library as the library is temporarily closed. Methods by which payment can be made for penalty charges or parking permits/parking dispensations and parking bay suspensions can be found at Parking, transport and streets.

The Government Parking Pass for Critical Workers

We are extremely grateful for the essential services provided by holders of the government's coronavirus (COVID-19) parking pass, whose contributions have allowed us to work through this pandemic.

As the demand for parking increases across the borough, it is fundamentally important for transport and community purposes that we take back control of parking on-street and in our car parks and as such, unfortunately, the London Borough of Bexley no longer recognises the concessionary pass provided by the government. Holders of this pass are encouraged to park in accordance with parking controls in the future. 

As the highway authority, we must strike a fair and equal balance for all road users. Our approach will free up parking spaces for all motorists in the community and assist businesses by making parking spaces available for deliveries and for the use of their customers.