Parking services information

Parking Services

The Council continues to provide a full parking service to the public. Provision of our services has not been affected or interrupted during the pandemic, however, where possible we encourage motorists to use our online facilities at Parking, transport and streets as these are the most effective ways to communicate with the service.

Please note, it is not currently possible for motorists to make cash payments at Erith Library as the library is temporarily closed. Methods by which payment can be made for penalty charges or parking permits/parking dispensations and parking bay suspensions can be found at Parking, transport and streets.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)

APCOA employ all CEOs and brief them regularly on COVID secure working practices based on Central Government guidance and industry best practice. APCOA also ensure that CEOs have access to Personal Protective Equipment including hand sanitiser, masks and gloves.

Although normal enforcement patrols have resumed, shift start times are now staggered to minimise the number of staff in the base at any one time.

CEOs are actively encouraged to provide assistance to the public and offer guidance on safe parking facilities.