Reuse and recycling centres

care registration number plates odds and evens

COVID-19 National restrictions

A traffic control system will operate based on odd and even number plates. Car plates with odd numbers can use the sites on odd dates and even numbers on even dates.

Ensure your visit is essential and consider storing your waste safely until national restrictions have been eased. Delays are likely.

If you attend either site, you must wear a face-covering (unless exempt) and observe the strict social distancing measures.

Your proof of address

Please bring proof of address and be prepared to show proof if asked for:

  • a valid driving licence or
  • a Council tax bill

Existing permits will continue to be valid but are being phased out and are no longer being distributed.

  • keep your car windows closed whilst proof of address is being checked
  • out of borough residents will not be allowed entrance to the site
  • cars need to have seats and windows in the back otherwise you may be turned away

To control the number of vehicles accessing the sites at any one time, a traffic control system will operate based on odd and even number plates. This is necessary to help control visitor numbers and help avoid lengthy delays and excessive queuing.

Number plates ending with odd numbers (last number is one, three, five, seven or nine) will be allowed on odd dates, while number plates ending with even numbers (last number is zero, two, four, six or eight) – will be allowed on even dates.

Date Vehicle number plates
Wednesday 13 January Odd (Foots Cray closed)
Thursday 14 January Even
Friday 15 January Odd
Saturday 16 January Even
Sunday 17 January Odd
Monday 18 January Even
Tuesday 19 January Odd
Wednesday 20 January Even (Foots Cray closed)
Thursday 21 January Odd
Friday 22 January Even
Saturday 23 January Odd
Sunday 24 January Even
Monday 25 January Odd
Tuesday 26 January Even
Wednesday 27 January Odd (Foots Cray closed)
Thursday 28 January Even
Friday 29 January Odd
Saturday 30 January Even
Sunday 31 January Odd
Monday 1 February Odd
Tuesday 2 February Even
Wednesday 3 February Odd (Foots Cray closed)
Thursday 4 February Even
Friday 5 February Odd
Saturday 6 February Even
Sunday 7 February Odd
Monday 8 February Even
Tuesday 9 February Odd
Wednesday 10 February Even (Foots Cray closed)
Thursday 11 February Odd
Friday 12 February Even
Saturday 13 February Odd
Sunday 14 February Even

See further information on locations and opening times of our recycling centres.

The following will apply for an initial trial period at both centres:

  • to maintain social distancing and to enable quick progress around the site, the number of cars on the site at one time will be limited
  • only one person will be allowed outside the vehicle unless a large item is being unloaded
  • staff will not be able to help you lift items
  • be patient, you may have to queue before you are allowed entry - there are limited parking spaces at (4 car spaces at Thames Road and 12 car spaces at Foots Cray)
  • on your return from the site, please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands for 20 seconds


  • all vans and other commercial vehicles, whether they are domestic or commercially owned, are not admitted to Foots Cray reuse and recycling centre without exception
  • all vans must use the Thames Road reuse and recycling centre where they will be required to weigh on the weighbridge and tip in the transfer station. Bexley residents are entitled to deposit up to half a tonne of domestic waste a year free of charge
  • the site will be open to the public between 7.30am and 4pm Monday to Sunday. Please note the site will be closed to the public Monday to Friday between 11am and 1pm
  • permits are not valid for residents in vans using Thames Road
  • in order to restrict commercial waste being deposited as household waste residents wishing to dispose of waste in vans will need to show both proofs of identity and proof of address
    • proof of identity should be photographic ID in the form of a photo driving licence or passport
    • proof of address should be a council tax or utility bill in the same name as the photo ID
    • a current photo driving licence can be used as both proof of identity and proof of address
    • persons failing to provide the above will be charged or refused entry
  • the transfer station is a hard hat and high visibility vest area, please bring your own as limited stock is available for purchase 
  • Council vehicles will be given priority access during opening times

Trailers and pick up trucks

No trailers at Thames Road.

Pickup trucks (crew cab only) are accepted at Thames Road and Foots Cray.

These vehicles are monitored and may be subject to further checks. This is to ensure commercial waste is not being brought into the site unofficially.