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Books for sale

Title Price
Along the River Cray: a pictorial history of the Cray Valley by Katherine Harding and Denise Baldwin £8
Bexley deneholes by R. F. Le Gear £2
The Bexley Heath phenomenon by J.C.M. Shaw £1.50
Blendon: from the earliest times by Roger Mayo £6
Boswell’s Bexley: a photographer’s view of the borough, 1890-1950 / by Penny Duggan £18
The Chronic inventor: the life and work of Hiram Stevens Maxim by J.E. Hamilton £3.50
Crayford: a history by E.O. Thomas £9.50
Discover Bexley and Sidcup by Darrell Spurgeon £5
Discover Erith and Crayford by Darrell Spurgeon £5
Foots Cray by Gertrude Nunns £1.50
Foster's Primary School by Bill Price £2
The History of Danson by Ruth Hutcherson £1.50
History of Erith: Part 1 by John Prichard £1
History of Erith: Part 2 by John Prichard £1
History of Erith: Part 4 by John Prichard £1
History of Erith: Part 5 Belvedere and Bostall by John Prichard £1
The House of broken fortunes by Oliver Wooller £7.50
Lost pubs of Bexley: pubs created after 1830 and since closed by Jim Packer £7.95
Medieval Bexley by F.R.H. Du Boulay £2.50
Memories of Erith and Crayford by Frances Sweeny £5.50
Over the road: East Wickham, Welling, Bexley and Crayford in old photographs by Mick Scott £2.50
Pluto: World War II's best-kept secret by Bob Knight, Harry Smith and Barry Barnett £3.95
The Roman settlement at Welling by Derek Garrod and Brian Philp £3
Slade Green and the Crayford Marshes by E.O. Thomas £4
The story of Barnehurst by E.O. Thomas £2.50
Under the road: archaeological discoveries at the Bronze Age Way, Erith by Maureen Bennell £3
Woodmen and fenmen: Blackfen's story by Penny Duggan £9.50

Maps for sale

18th-century maps

Title Price
Bowen's Maps of Kent c1762 £2
Hasted's - Bromley, Beckenham and Ruxley (Bexley South) 1778 50p
Hasted's - Little and Lesness (Bexley North) 1778 50p
MOGG'S Twenty Four Miles Round London and Crystal Palace Excursion Map £2
Bexley Bomb Map £1
The hundreds of Blackheath, Bromley and Beckenham, Lesnes and Ruxley from Andrews, Dury and Herbert's map of Kent, 1769 £1

Ordnance Survey maps 1862-1908

Title Price
Reprints of Ordnance Survey maps, published by Alan Godfrey - scale c.15” to 1 mile  
Barnehurst 1897 £2.25
Bexley 1870 £2.25
Bexley 1895 £2.25
Bexley 1908 £2.25
Bexley Heath 1862 £2.25
Bexleyheath (North) 1895 £2.25
Belvedere 1895 £2.25
Crayford 1907 £2.25
East Wickham and Welling 1862 £2.25
East Wickham and Welling 1894 £2.25
Erith 1864 £2.25
Lamorbey and North Sidcup 1895 £2.25
North Cray 1895 £2.25
Sidcup 1908 £2.25
North Woolwich 1869 £2.25
North Woolwich 1894 £2.25