Acorn (CACI)

  • Acorn is a tool that groups households (geographic) with similar characteristics (demographic) and gives them a description
  • the majority of Bexley households are financially stable
  • the more financially insecure households are mainly found in the North of the Borough with some pockets elsewhere
  • households described as ‘Affluent Achievers’, the most prosperous, are mainly found in the South of the Borough
  • for residents, wellbeing, the centre of the Borough show as healthy wards, whilst the North of the Borough show more 'caution' and 'at risk' wellbeing types


Select the interactive pages to understand the profile of Bexley and any selected wards, hover over the interactive graphs to see specific figures and use the tick-boxes to choose wards. If viewing via a phone or tablet, rotate to landscape mode to see the information in full detail.

Further information about Acorn produced by CACI.