Economic Development

The London Borough of Bexley is considered a commuter area that feeds the City of London. The employment rate of those living within Bexley has traditionally been higher than that of London, and often higher than Great Britain as a whole.

The full document of analysis: Economic Assessment of the London Borough of Bexley (PDF)*

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Employment in Bexley

Use the interactive pages to understand the employment profile of Bexley for both people that live in Bexley and people that work in Bexley.

Use the interactive graphs to see specific figures, the sliders and dropdowns to choose what the graphs show. If viewing via a phone or tablet, rotate to landscape mode to see the information in full detail.


  • the employment rate of Bexley residents is higher than London, and Great Britain
  • the Ethnic Minority employment rate is as high as their White counterparts; not seen in London as a whole
  • over 40% of working residents, work in a job requiring high skills
  • people that work in Bexley have similar proportions of jobs requiring low, medium and high skills, roughly a third each
  • earnings of residents are in line with the London average and residents of surrounding Boroughs
  • earnings of Bexley workers fall below their London counterparts, but remain similar to neighbouring Borough workers