Young people in Bexleyheath

Understanding young people’s needs and aspirations in Bexleyheath is a vital part of the High Streets for All programme.

A series of engagement processes, workshops, and activities have been developed to facilitate intergenerational dialogues and to allow young people to inform the future of Bexleyheath's town centre.

Phase 1
Intergenerational Co-design Workshops

Engagement with Students from local schools and elderly residents to discuss their town centre experience

Phase 2
Youth Enterprise Challenge

Young people learning business and marketing, and developing products sold on 29 July Night Market

Phase 3
Young Curators Workshops

Young people learning how to co-curate an event - part of 30 September Night Market

Phase 1: Intergenerational Co-design Workshops

Students from the various local schools and year groups have joined a series of workshops with elderly residents to discuss their experiences of the high street. The workshop opened a dialogue that focuses on bringing different generations together to co-design solutions for the high street.

We would love to hear young people's thoughts or feedback on what Bexleyheath High Street needs, and how your experience can be improved.

Please fill in the survey about Bexleyheath (for ages 11 to 18)

Phase 2: Youth Enterprise Challenge

As part of the engagement process, local young people asked for a chance to develop their business and entrepreneurship skills.

The Youth Enterprise Challenge teaches young participants the basic principles of business and marketing. The skills learned will be put into practice, by selling their new products at the Night Market event on 29 July. The products will be created using local manufacturers, building connections, and engaging with local businesses.

The programme will be set out as a competitive challenge, with the winning team being announced on the 30 September. 

Phase 3: Young Curators Workshops

A group of young people, coming from the local schools and youth groups, are co-curating an event which will be part of the night market event on the 30 September, taking an active role in boosting our Bexleyheath's town centre economy.

The group is learning how to design, curate, and promote a two-hour event. This will support young people to engage locally and be part of Bexleyheath's town centre’s life.