Construction and building site noise

If you are suffering noise disturbance from a nearby construction site then the Council may be able to help you. Generally the permitted hours within the borough for noisy construction works are:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 1pm
  • Sundays and bank holidays, no working

Disturbance from a construction site is often inevitable and you may be disturbed by construction noise during the permitted hours of working. We are unable to take enforcement action if the construction company is using the best practical method for the task. However if this is not the case we are able to act.

Emergency/essential works (gas works, railway maintenance or road surface maintenance) may need to take place at night or otherwise in unsocial hours. In such cases the Council would only intervene if we felt the contractor was acting unreasonably.

If you wish to make a complaint please complete the noise nuisance form.

Procedure for investigating complaints

If you are being disturbed by construction noise outside of the permitted hours then we will visit the construction site and advise them of the hours for 'noisy' working. If the disturbance continues, we will contact the contractor/company again and you may be asked to complete diary sheets.

If there is no improvement in the situation we will look to collect evidence to support your allegation, either by installing noise-monitoring equipment or by carrying out monitoring visits. If sufficient evidence is gathered supporting the allegations of a statutory noise nuisance then a legal notice will be served on the construction company requiring them to abate the nuisance.

If the Notice is not complied with, evidence of breaches will be collected and court action, subject to legal advice, may be started.