If you are experiencing a serious noise disturbance and your approaches to get the matter resolved have met with no success, you can make a complaint to the Environmental Protection team by completing our noise nuisance form.

The council does not provide a reactive out-of-hours service for noise complaints. However, in ongoing cases where noise is occurring outside of normal hours officers will arrange to visit to witness the noise or install noise recording equipment to gather corroborating evidence.

Procedure for investigating noise complaints:

  • a complaint is received
  • a complaint package is sent to you to including a diary sheet to record details of the noise
  • diary sheets should be returned for assessment of any statutory nuisance
  • a letter is sent to the alleged offender
  • if further problems are experienced these should be recorded on diary sheets and returned
  • an officer will investigate and if the nuisance is witnessed, or the officer is otherwise satisfied with its existence or likely recurrence, a legal notice will be served on the offender
  • if the nuisance continues and an officer witnesses a contravention of the legal notice, a prosecution against the offender will be prepared
  • if the noise still continues, the offender's equipment may be seized